The Food Industry Can Battle Obesity


U.S. News and World Report recently featured ‘Stuffed’ and interviewed Hank on solving the obesity crisis:

“In more than 30 years of working in the food industry, Hank Cardello didn’t think much about the health consequences of the products he promoted, whether Betty Crocker cake mixes, a proposed new malt liquor, or Diet Coke. He thinks about them plenty now, though. After a cancer scare in 1995, Cardello switched gears and started to look more critically at how his industry might help combat obesity. He’s now CEO of 27 Degrees North, a consulting firm that helps companies marry profit and social responsibility. In Stuffed: An Insider’s Look at Who’s (Really) Making America Fat (Ecco), just released in paperback, Cardello lays out his views on why consumers are not entirely to blame for their own girth, why well-meaning government regulations often fail, and how the food industry might put its marketing oomph behind better alternatives to some of the high-calorie packaged foods that Americans snarf down. Here are edited excerpts from our conversation…”

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  1. Kevin Jeter says:

    My scare came in the year 2000. I contracted acute mylogenous leukemia. Went through three rounds of chemo and been clean since. After reading A Cancer Battle Plan (by Loehm)I realized that the American 4 food groups we had come to know and love , weren’t altogether healthful. Dairy products, for example, came in for some big hits with respect to health and incubator issues with respect to certain diseases. Now, better selectivity, excersize, etc. helps keep weight down and feel better.

    Separately, and by way of update Hank, relaunched managment and marketing consultancy with an eye toward leveraging for profit skill sets for not profits increasingly migrating toward and competing with for-profits and their social responsibility initiatives and seeking to work with for-profits who can gain from ambidextrous executive who used universal private sector management disciplines to turnaround and accredit a private school. Hope to talk with you soon. Congrats agin on the book, the U.S. news publicity, and keep the piano fingers limber.
    Live and be well:) Kevin Jeter

  2. The food industry has no problem bottling obesity!

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